Technology of the XXI century

Techology of the XXI century

Build a better and cheaper office buildings, commercial buildings, production halls...

The following information is addressed to investors, developers and general contractors.

In the era of high competition in the market, investors are looking for savings in the investment stage. They do this often in a manner that is looking for the easiest parts, cheaper materials and equipment, arranging for the execution of complex skilled jobs for companies that offer the lowest price. Unfortunately, often the end result is far more satisfactory, and the associated problems borne by the investor. In large buildings such as office supplies are a vital part of air conditioning systems, ventilation and heat technology and automation. Errors committed here, just in the stage of planning and executive are often not correct, and result in very serious trouble during many years of operating a building. Choosing the right business executive with extensive experience and investor safety practice proper implementation of the scope of the work. One company that successfully implements these services is our company Womar. We are a Design - Executive with over 20 years of practical experience, specializing in air conditioning systems, ventilation and heat technology, renewable energy, heat pumps, or any mechanical systems - automatic and manual. Projects division is an experienced engineering staff, whose main objective is to deploy the latest energy-saving technology and optimization of technical solutions for the maximum reduction in costs. We offer services for implementation of regulations based on the call from the investor or GW technical documentation. This project is carefully analyzed from a technical but also economic. Is made as precise measurement of the investment costs and indicative maintenance costs during periods of short-term and longer-term. In the second phase, the company develops replacement design concept, based on the latest proven technologies, equipment and materials. The basic idea is to maintain a comparable standard installation (usually much it changes proposed increase ) compared to the original design. These activities are carried out in close cooperation with the investor, who is fairly informed about all the pros and cons of the solution. The new design concept or modification each time they are backed by rigorous economic analysis. The final decision is always taken by the payer or investor, or in some cases, the General Contractor.

You may ask yourself is it possible to HVAC systems perform at a higher level for a lower price?

Womar provides the service with great success and satisfaction of its customers. The secret of it 's own, developed through years of know-how. Company Womar designed (or redesigned), and then implementing battery is fully "turnkey" installations in large buildings, mainly office buildings "A", which also maintains. Investors and administrators to pass the affected buildings appreciate the quality of the work carried out and the reliability of systems used. Documented savings at the stage of investment is 10% - 25% of the cost compared to the original design solutions. Savings operating costs are 30-50% with the latest energy-saving technologies and advanced automation. When applying for a Sustainable Building Certificate application of innovative solutions resulting in lower energy demand - matic and give you extra points in the certification process.