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Cookies - what is it?

Cookies are small text files sent from the server and stored on the device on which you are viewing the Web. They allow you to save informacjeprzesyłane between web page and browser. They make it possible zapamiętywaniedanych forms and settings pages , service counters of visits , the use of probes , remembering that language or shopping in stores internetowych.Odpowiednio configured cookies are safe and allow informacjitylko read by the server that created them.

Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to cookies , you can customize the pages viewed their potrzeb.Cookies help distinguish visitors of its website and view treściprzeznaczonych for specific users. Thanks to them to get in pełnispersonalizowane content . Storing information in cookies sent jestw not no way associated with the collection of personal data and saving innychpoufnych information. Cookies allow you to store such the language selection page alboustawienia country, city , or other data that are selected on the form.

What are cookies using our site?

The service we use three types of cookies.Cookies sessions ( temporary cookies ) are the files generated while browsing service held until the end of the browser session . Without them , some applications may not work lubfunkcjonalności poprawnie.Cookies trwałepodczas site visits are stored on the device so that the user can visit przykolejnej be recognized , and his preferences zapamiętane.Cookies zewnętrznychumożliwiają entities while counting nastronie user traffic.

How to modify the settings of cookies?

The mechanism of storing and sending cookies is dependent on the configuration przeglądarkizainstalowanej used for Internet browsing device. Automatycznąobsługę cookie settings can be locked in any browser , but it can tospowodować restrictions on the use of the website